12mm GOLD Iced CLASP Cuban Chain



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Looks expensive, yet affordable.   The iced clasp adds some Spice to this classic Cuban chain.

Fade proof Technology

Unlike common gold-plating techniques utilized by many competitors, SPCY's PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) plating process creates a superior product that lasts. Where traditional electroplating only deposits a tiny, fragile layer of gold on the surface, PVD plating uses an advanced method to infuse gold into the base metal.

This fusion process results in a robust bond that stands up to water, sweat, and everyday wear, keeping the piece shining as brilliantly as day one. 

PVD plating ensures that the radiant gold finish on SPCY's jewelry won't fade over time, giving you jewelry that retains its stunning luster even with daily use. This technological edge is one of the many reasons why SPCY's high-quality gold-plated jewelry consistently outshine and outlast those of their competitors.

Waterproof Sweatproof lifeproof

Our jewelry isn't like ordinary jewelry; it's a 100% waterproof and sweatproof companion, ready to withstand rain, workouts, and even swimming. Designed for everyday wear, it's not just a special occasion piece, but a reliable accessory built to last. But durability isn't all we offer. Our advanced anti-tarnish technology ensures your jewelry's lustrous shine won't fade over time, staying as vibrant as the day you first wore it. With SPCY, you're not just buying jewelry—you're investing in a piece designed to last, shine, and make a statement every day. Experience the difference for yourself and and wear your style with confidence.

No Green Necks

SPCY goes the extra mile in crafting luxurious gold-plated chains by using surgical-grade stainless steel as their base metal. Unlike many brands that use sterling silver or brass, which are prone to oxidation and tarnishing and can leave a disheartening green mark on your skin, SPCY has chosen a metal known for its durability and hypoallergenic properties. Surgical-grade stainless steel won't oxidize, eliminating the risk of staining your skin green, even with regular wear.

This metal choice is not only a testament to our commitment to quality and a reflection of our dedication to providing a product that genuinely stands the test of time. So, with an SPCY chain, you can embrace that luxurious feel and shine, knowing your skin and style are in the best hands.

Lifetime Warranty

SPCY showcases its unwavering confidence in the longevity and quality of our products by offering a lifetime warranty. This warranty is a testament to the superior materials and intricate processes we use. If ever your jewelry breaks, fades, or changes color, we stand ready to replace it. You can rest easy, knowing your investment is protected.

This assurance isn't just about providing excellent customer service—it's their commitment to you that they believe in their products as much as you will. It's an unmatched level of trust and quality that places SPCY miles ahead in the world of high-quality gold-plated jewelry.

SPCY products aren't just a pieces of jewelry; it's an emblem of a lifestyle choice. For those who appreciate timeless elegance combined with enduring quality, a SPCY chain is the perfect gift. Make your next gift one that shines with style, confidence, and an enduring allure. Stand out and sparkle with a timeless treasure from SPCY, the brand synonymous with high-quality gold-plated jewelry.

Designed & Shipped From Ohio


Will this turn my neck green or black?

No! All of our jewelry is made from medical grade stainless steel which doesn't tarnish or oxidize. Generally the green or black discoloration is caused by the acids in your body reacting with silver, copper, brass or nickel.  These metals are found in the cheaper plated jewelry. 

Can I shower with the jewelry on?

We have taken great care to ensure that our products are crafted using superior quality materials known for their durability. Our chains are designed to be waterproof and are safe to shower with. We recommend promptly drying your item with a soft cloth towel after exposure to water.

Is this good for sensitive skin?

Yes, all our products are hypoallergenic. You can wear your SPCY pieces 24/7, and never have to worry about developing a rash or green skin. Our products do not contain nickel.

Are you located in the USA?

Yes! Unlike many of our competitors that are based overseas, we are located in Ohio. All of our support staff, as well as our shipping department is located right here in the USA. This means that you get faster service, quicker shipping, and none of the unexpected surprises that you might experience when dealing with an overseas company.

How do I keep the jewelry clean?

If your jewelry begins to look dull and has lost it's shine, then it's time for a cleaning! To clean your jewelry, use a small amount of mild dish soap with warm water. Soak the jewelry for 10-15 minutes, then gently scrub using a soft toothbrush or cloth. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a soft cloth. Air dry completely before wearing or storing. Remember to avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners as they may damage your jewelry.

What if my jewelry breaks or loses it's color?

At SPCY, we take immense pride in the exceptional quality and meticulous craftsmanship of our jewelry. To demonstrate our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide a lifetime warranty with every purchase. In the unlikely event that your jewelry breaks, fades, or undergoes color changes that a cleaning can't fix, we are prepared to promptly replace it for you. With our comprehensive warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your investment is fully protected.

How long does shipping take?

Free economy shipping can take between 6-10 business days for delivery. If Express shipping is selected, delivery will be made in 2-3 business days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 365 reviews
C. (Salisbury, MD, US)
My second purchase

Great quality..good weight..elegant look...

Chris V.
22 in Cuban

I work out and have neck lol. So originally I bought an 18in Cuban and it was super tight. So I exchange it for the 22 in iced out Cuban and it fit perfectly and exactly how I wanted it to sit. I didn’t want it to be hanging too low. Very happy with the quality. A real man’s chain.

C.R. (Nashville, TN, US)
5 star

Great quality.

Reviewer avatar
Michael L. (Delray Beach, FL, US)
Always best quality!

I just received my Cuban link diamond clasp chain along with the regular Cuban link. They're gold overplate is perfect and never fades. I bought from them before but I actually lost it I don't know how. So I decided to buy another one but then when I saw using the code POGO buy one get one free promotion I got both of them I got a 20-in Cuban and I got an 18-in Cuban with diamond clasp I paid $219 for both of them total what a deal. I also see that anything bought after February is also lifetime guaranteed If it ever fades or anything you can exchange it for another one which goes ahead and tells you the company is very confident and the product that they put out which makes me confident. The last chain that I owned I showered with it everyday I went to bed with it and it never faded This I bought it about a year ago. Now I just have to find the cross pendant which I'm in search of now that will fit a 12 mm those are the size that I got to fit my 20-in Cuban which I plan to put it on. I wish they sold pendants though that fit that necklace that they sold I would love to see cross pendants to fit the 12 mm and also even St Michael pendants I saw a few online but nothing fits 12 mm. I've included some photos. I promise you you won't be unhappy if you buy from this store products are very good.

Al A. (Wildomar, CA, US)
Awesome 24"

Look and feel like a gazillion.
Nice ice.