When it comes to selecting gold-plated jewelry, it's essential to understand the methods and materials used. We believe in providing not just an alluring appearance, but also a high-quality product that stands the test of time. In this article, we uncover the truth about electroplating over sterling silver and shed light on the potential risks it poses, including wear and tear and the infamous green skin discoloration.

  1. The Electroplating Process: Many brands rely on an old-school electroplating process to achieve the gold aesthetic. This process involves depositing a thin layer of gold onto a base metal, often sterling silver. While this may initially create the desired look, it is important to consider the long-term implications of this method.

  2. Delicate Nature of Electroplated Finishes: The thin layer of gold applied through electroplating is susceptible to wear and tear. Over time, as the jewelry is exposed to daily activities, friction, and contact with various substances, the gold plating can start to wear off. This exposes the underlying base metal, compromising the integrity and visual appeal of the piece.

  3. Unveiling the Undesirable Consequences: One of the most common issues associated with electroplating is the potential for green skin discoloration. When the gold layer wears off, the base metal, such as sterling silver, comes into contact with the skin. This interaction, combined with factors like sweat and body oils, can lead to a chemical reaction that results in the development of green stains on the skin. This not only diminishes the aesthetic appeal of the jewelry but can also cause discomfort and concern for the wearer.

  4. Choosing Quality and Longevity: We prioritize the use of high-quality materials and techniques that offer superior longevity and minimize potential risks. Instead of relying on electroplating over sterling silver, we have carefully selected medical-grade stainless steel as our base metal. This choice ensures durability, resistance to wear and tear, and eliminates the risk of green skin discoloration.

  5. Investing in Lasting Beauty: By choosing jewelry that goes beyond surface-level coatings, you are making an investment in lasting beauty. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and materials means that our gold-plated pieces are designed to stand the test of time. You can wear them confidently, knowing that they will maintain their luster and elegance without the worry of green skin discoloration or premature wear.

When it comes to gold-plated jewelry, it's essential to consider the methods and materials used to achieve the desired aesthetics. While electroplating over sterling silver may initially seem appealing, it poses risks such as wear and tear and the infamous green skin discoloration.

By choosing us, you are choosing quality and longevity. Our commitment to using medical-grade stainless steel as the base metal ensures a durable, beautiful, and worry-free gold-plated jewelry experience. Embrace the allure of lasting beauty and invest in jewelry that stands the test of time.

June 01, 2023 — Zack Long